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Café style shutters are expediently very attractive and keep your window cool and eye-catching. Below are 10 facts you should know about café style shutters, a markilux awning and why they rock.

1. If you are ever looking at just covering the down half of your window, then Café style shutters are the best choice for you.

2. wood shutters also offer a kind of privacy yet permitting lots of light to enter your room through the top half of the window.

3. They are also diversely styled and come in various designs and makes.

4. The café style shutters also fulfill their appeal in your home with or without curtains.

5. They help you manage and adapt to weather conditions i.e. when the weather is bad, the shutters could be closed up tight and on nice weather days, the shutters could be opened up for ventilation.

6. It opens up a space on top hence allows for a view through the top half of the window.

7. They are made of wood and may also be made of composites or of plastic.

8. They are special fits for front rooms and kitchens, as they permit for plenty of light.

9. They come installed to operate from the right hand side but can be modified to the left as well.

10. And they are very affordable and durable

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